Sandra, Alejandro & Tonie!

It is always such a pleasure to photograph a family, specially a family that demonstrates so much love for each other. These images reflect the affection, care, and tenderness that they have for one another. Sandra, Alejandro, and Tonie illustrate the exemplary qualities of a family through each gesture. Alejandro, a basketball star and model student, embraces his mother & sister constantly with great love & affection. Tonie, a brilliant & adorable young lady, possess a powerful bear hug that melts the hearts of both mother & brother. Sandra, a fantastic & loving mother, brings great joy to her children through her touch & her care.

Thank you very much Sandra, Alejandro, & Tonie! I had a wonderful time & thank you for sharing a bit of your life & the precious qualities that embody your family.


Carmem Salazar said...

Oi Manuel!

Obrigada por estares entre os seguidores do meu blog.


taima said...

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