Just a reminder of this month's promotion-only two days left

I was listening to the radio today, and I heard a story about a little girl who will not eat food today. They described how her mother will make her a "dirt cookie" made of clay, shortening, and salt. She will eat this so that her stomach feels full, but it will not provide any nourishment.

Wow. That really puts things in perspective. We live in a society where someone has to tell us to leave some food on our plate because we eat more than we need and have an obesity epidemic. We eat when we are not even hungry.

By donating just $13, you can feed a child for an entire month! I think all of us could easily go without $2 worth of food per day for one week to feed a child for one month. Perhaps you can give up one latte per week.

I gave a donation, but, somehow, it just doesn't seem to be enough. I want to give more. We are asking our clients to help us give more. We have decided to give HALF of all our sevice sales for the month of March. We are not raising our prices. We really are giving half to these beautiful children.

If you are ready to book a photographer for your wedding, you know what the going rates are. Imagine. You can feed many children without going outside of the budget you've already created. Maybe a wedding isn't in your near future. In that case, you can take advantage of a private portrait session or services for any other event.

Don't need pictures? That's fine, but, please, still donate today.

Many thanks and many blessings to all.

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Magdalena said...

Thank you Manuel for your kind visit. All the best from Poland! :-)