Better than cheesecake!

When Candice called me, she was looking to do something special for her husband as a Christmas gift. She was looking for someone to take pictures of her as a "Pin Up Girl". These pictures are sometimes called "cheesecake" photos because they are "better than cheesecake".

I have to hand it to Candice! I owe her half the credit for the success of the shoot. She did so much research! She knew exactly what she wanted. She put together her wardrobe and most of her props. She turned down my offer to find someone to do her hair and make up. She did it herself, and did a fabulous job (she said she learned how on youtube)!

I just brought the "studio" to her house and took the pictures. I promised Candice I would not post anything that she was not completely comfortable with. Here are a couple that we both agreed were appropriate.

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Euphoria Imaging said...

nicely done with the lighting, and nice choice of colors too, goodjob to both for the alluring in take.